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En: (Forum Rules)

General Rules
1- The owner of the message is responsible for the messages written in the forum. The forum cannot be held responsible for the posts written by users.
2- The Forum is prohibited acts contrary to moral and religious rules.
3- Insulting or degrading behavior to persons, institutions and organizations is prohibited in the forum.
4- Party and political writings for propaganda purposes are prohibited in the forum.
5- Posting pornographic or + 18 posts on the forum is strictly prohibited!
6- Forum contains copyright mp3, movies, software, games sharing is prohibited.
7- Activities such as credit card theft, purchasing credit card information, shopping with stolen cards, paypal fraud, and taking bank account are prohibited in the forum. Topics such as fake ID, money, documents are prohibited.
8- It is strictly forbidden to advertise!
9- Copyrighted content will be deleted if it is proved after being notified to us.
10- Banned users can not make any claims!
11- It is forbidden to use link shortening services that are earned in the forum (kisalt.xyz isn't included in this rule).

Safety Rules
1. All responsibility for this belongs to you. You should pay attention to the security of your own system.
2- Memory Hackers is a forum where around 1500-2000 new members are registered, attracting tens of thousands of visitors daily. It can be either good people from old members or new members, as well as malicious people. It is not possible for us to determine what thousands of members are doing or what they want to do.
3- Be sure to pay attention to the virustotal results on the topics.
4- Report suspicious issues immediately. Management will check the issues and delete them if there is a dangerous situation.
5- We warn you again not to give any private information to any member. If you give, the responsibility is entirely yours.
6- Apart from this, always keep your operating system up-to-date, using an antivirus with internet security feature, not installing any unidentified program, using strong passwords will increase the security level of your computer and internet accounts.

Topic Creating Rules
1- When opening a topic, you should pay attention to which section you opened. (For example, you cannot open a Graphic topic in the Cheat section.) If there is no section related to your topic, you should open it to the Off Topic section.
2- Topics should be related to the title. (For example, if you received an error in any application, you should open it with a title such as "XXX Error [Help]" not like "Urgent, Help me"
3- Even if the topic you opened is important, you should not open it for the second time. Unless very often, you can update your topic with an updated message. You can also send a private message to the authorized users and ask for help.
4- Your topic should be understandable and the topic that is completely quoted will be deleted.
5- It is forbidden to share personal information in the forum. (Name surname - phone number, photo etc.)
6- It is forbidden to open issues that violate the privacy of private life. (Posting photos without the consent of the person, etc.)
7- It is forbidden to use link shortening services that earn on your subjects. (kisalt.xyz is not included in this rule)
8- It is forbidden to ask LIKE on the topic. (Raffles are not included in this rule)
9- It is forbidden to share the topic content that is completely empty and based on commenting like we count from 100, count from the beginning etc. Be aware that this is a sharing forum.
10- Sales / Clearing is strictly forbidden. These topics will be deleted.
11- Youtube mp3 conversion, download, external site, program sharing using the Youtube link is prohibited.
12- It is forbidden to use sites that impose a download limit on your topics. (Turbobit etc.)
13-Topics should be given in the original link apart from the reference link. Only reference link sharing is prohibited.
14- It is forbidden for the content of the topic to be completely colored. It will be sufficient to make only the word or sentence that should be emphasized in color.
15- You can not make your topic title and topic content completely large. Only the first letter must be uppercase.
16- Open your topics by reading the topic sharing rules of that category in your category.

Cheat Sharing Rules
1- Video or picture is necessary in cheating posts. (Should have been taken on the date the topic was opened.)
2- Virus Scan and link abbreviated (except kisalt.xyz) topics are deleted and user will be punished.
3- If there is any other site name in the topic other than memoryhackers.org anywhere in the cheat program, the user will be punished.
4- Your topic should be understandable and the topic that is completely quoted will be deleted.
5- Url scan is invalid in virus scan. It reflects inaccurate results.
6- There should be no password in the cheat rar file. The virus cannot be scanned for the file because it is encrypted. (Even if it is a virus, it turns out to be clean.)
7- File and video upload should be yours. The subject must be the same as the opening date.
8- Downloading users are responsible for the downloaded content.
9- It will be removed from our site after informing us about the files that are used without permission and which have danger notification for infected files.
10- It is forbidden to use link shortening services that earn on your topics. (kisalt.xyz is not included in this rule.)

Post Rules
1- Your comment should be related to the topic. (For example, you can't write "Thanks" on a help topic.)
2- You cannot post on the subject from the same comment for the second time. (For example, you can't write "Thanks" on a game topic and then "Thanks" again.)
3- If you are going to answer more than one member in the topics, you must answer everyone in one comment by using the answer button. Thus, there is no confusion of comments.
4- You should not establish words / sentences containing insults and disrespect in the comments.
5- In the comments, apart from the reference link, it is given separately in the original link. Only reference link sharing is prohibited.
6- It is forbidden that the content of the comments is completely colored. It will be sufficient to make only the word or sentence that should be emphasized in color.
7- Flooding is forbidden. (Writing the same message repeatedly.) If there is no reply within 6 hours to the subject you opened or the message you wrote, you can write a message again.
8- It is forbidden to write with caps lock explicitly. Only the first letter of the sentence must be capitalized (also applies to the topic).
9-It is forbidden to use link shortening services earned in comments (kisalt.xyz is not included in this rule).
10-It is forbidden to update an old topic with unnecessary and irrelevant comments.
11-It is forbidden to post unnecessary and blank posts for posting (including copying the comments of any member and sharing the same.)
Note: The sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. Only special nouns etc. are used in capital letters in the sentence.

Registration Rules
1- The accounts in the forum cannot be exchanged or transferred to anyone else.
2- Multi Account usage is prohibited.
3- It is forbidden to open different memberships from the same address and abusing likes and various other benefits. When detected, all accounts are penalized.

Private Message Rules
1- Private messages cannot be used to disturb.
2- It is forbidden to include political, sexual, racist and discriminatory content in your private message.
3- Advertising with a private message is a reason for ban.
4- Never write a password or private information in your private messages. Our site is not responsible for what will happen.

Legal Rules
Our site aims to respect law, laws, copyrights and personal rights. Our site serves as the “place provider” defined in the law numbered 5651. According to the relevant law, site management has no obligation to control illegal content. For this reason, our site has adopted the "warn and remove" principle. Right holders or professional associations ([email protected]), who think that the copyrighted works are illegally shared and their legal rights are violated, can reach us via their email address (admi[email protected]). Requests and complaints received here will be reviewed by our Legal Counsel, and if the complaint is seen on site, the content that is considered to be violated will be removed from our site. Site management cannot be held responsible in any way from the legal proceedings before reaching the site management. All registered users on this site are deemed to have accepted these rules.

*"19213123" and "asdasd" style memberships are prohibited indefinitely.
*If the comments and likes thrown using Multi Membership are detected, the main account is banned for 5 days and other accounts are indefinitely banned and the likes are deleted.
*Users who are banned from IP cannot use our site.
*Only real people can create an account on our site.
*No legal person and institution / organization can register on our site and receive the shared information. *Unless permitted, it cannot be used anywhere or present as evidence.
*If you sue "MemoryHackers site", the person who is responsible for the expenses of the case and the lawyer is responsible.
*By the moment you log into our forum, you agree to all the rules.
*memoryhackers.org reserves the right to change its rules. Forum rules are valid as they change.
*memoryhackers.org, everyone who is a member is deemed to have read these rules and everyone is responsible for these rules.
*memoryhackers.org, published cheats and cheat programs may not support every version of the game. All responsibility for the files you upload or cheat codes you use will belong to the user. Our site does not accept responsibility for the installation and use of files or codes and does not undertake to provide support.
Üzgünüz bu konu cevaplar için kapatılmıştır...