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  1. L

    Çözüldü Pubg hack problem.

    Hi, so i injected pubg hack it's working but sometimes, like wallhack is dissapearing then again appearing sometimes i can't see everyone in 5 enemy i can see 2 with wallhack so what i do wrong? or it is cheat problem.
  2. T

    help with cheat Pubg (помогите с читом)

    I start the cheat and it does not work, for some reason, please help запускаю чит и он не работает почему то помогите пожалуйста:cryangry::cryangry: screenshot:
  3. Alexandru Sabin

    Pubg error after update

    What to do?
  4. R

    Help (Error) Unable to stop service 1061changedstatus False

    Can anyone tell me why this error is coming ???
  5. losciend

    Soul Worker Missing Model character [help]

    I really need help pls how to fix this (T^T) I'm excited to play this game but when I first opened this happened..