1. W

    How to be member of uı forum ?

    i cant using pubg mobile cheat,how to be a member of this group to access this cheat tools ? i want to be spammer fighter how to get that ?
  2. CHLeσηidαs

    Sql Join Örnek #1

    :yazı: Aşağıya ekleyeceğim resim Nortwind Database'sinin diagramıdır. Vereceğim örnek onla alakalıdır inceleyebilirsiniz. :resim: :not: Select P.ProductName, P.UnitPrice, S.CompanyName, C.CategoryName, OD.Quantity, O.OrderDate From Products P Join Suppliers S On...
  3. CHLeσηidαs

    Sql Constraint Örnek #2

    :not: If Not Exists(Select * From sysdatabases Where name='NesneAmbari') Create Database NesneAmbari Go Use NesneAmbari Go If Not Exists (Select * From INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES Where TABLE_NAME='Universite') Create Table Universite ( UniversiteId Int Identity...