1. S

    Dzenai/Zenny glitch, bug

    This topic is a bit connected to my other one about multi-accounting SW. From what I know, and what is 100% possible we can abuse trade/mail system to earn lot of zenny (really a lot). I talked to some goldseller who made more than 20kkk in a short time (20 billions). He didn't want to tell...
  2. J

    Çözüldü EST on "B.Soul Worker" update hack

    I see there is an update for bsw, does anyone know how long does it normally take ?
  3. A

    Bring Back Soulworker Dword Hack :(

    I have been waiting for the update and it seemed like it wont be coming due to GF server being shutdown? although there are still private servers like BurningSW and the hack is fully functional. I have been waiting for a couple days now and it still hasnt updated. admin/mods please let us know...
  4. E

    Çözüldü Burning Soulworker error

    Hello, since the latest patch, the hack doesnt work anymore
  5. losciend

    Soul Worker Missing Model character [help]

    I really need help pls how to fix this (T^T) I'm excited to play this game but when I first opened this happened..