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5 Ara 2017
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You can find the error solution faster with the shortcut CTRL + F.

Please read this page for other error codes not included here. https://memoryhackers.org/konular/windows-hata-kodlari.131789/

First, let's install the redis pack versions that are the cause of most errors. You can download it here:
Lütfen, Giriş Yap veya Kayıt Ol to view URLs content!

If you receive an error that is not here, send a private message to ioz.


[ERROR: Service Error]

This error occurs because of the security of some games.
  • Faceit Ac (Anti Cheat)
  • Vanguard - You should delete Vanguard ac .
  • You should turn off Windows Defender.
One of these reasons may be the cause of this error.
You can delete it from the Control Panel. Then restart the computer!

Alternative Solution
  • Another solution is to stop the services with "Process Hacker". (You need to repeat when you restart the computer.) (Valid for Faceit.)


  • You forgot to open the Memory UI Loader. Turn on the loader and try again. The button in the lower right corner on the page should be green.


[Waiting For Action..]
  • Load the cheat which game you will play from Hack Center [UI].



[Action is Processing..]
  • Open the game.

[GetlastError() B7 - Thread Stopping : XXXX]
  • This is not an error.
  • It means the cheat is ready for use.
  • If it says External, it will open in another window.
  • The rest of the process will be there.


[Load button does not appear]
  • You cannot see the load button because you are not logged in to the page.


[/load pi Fail]
  • After closing all the tabs and logging out of your membership, log in again.


[/load jwt fail heart]
  • You cannot access Google services.
  • Turn off Adblock.
Alternative Solution
  • Your host file may be infected. Reset your host file!
Alternative Solution
  • VPN can be solved using a last resort.

[Something is wrong
CoreStatus : ENT:FAIL - VM:FAIL]

You cannot use this cheat because your Windows System is 7 or 8.1.
  • You need to update your computer to Windows 10.
Alternative Solution
  • Say yes or no to the window that opens. (This may cause you to be banned!) Upgrading to Windows 10 will be a safer result for you.

[Error Code: c1
ERROR: Unlocker fail]

This error occurs when your computer has a virus.
  • You should clean your computer with antivirus. It is not a definitive solution.
  • If virus problem on your computer is "is not a valid Win32 application.", you can find out what it is by searching on Google.
Alternative Solution
  • You can format your computer. The problem will be solved.

[Failed Executing Method [1]. || Attempting Method [2].
Failed to load Driver! (Disable Antivirus/Firewall)]

  • You can solve it by restarting the computer.
  • We have not yet found the exact solution to the problem. If you find anything, let us know.


[Error Code: e1
ERROR: Unlocker fail]
  • You're getting this error because of a virus that infects your computer.
  • A virus that infects your computer can prevent the program from running. Anti-cheats can cause it.
  • Clean the computer with antivirus. Reset and try again. If not, delete the antivirus and try again.

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