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Çalışmıyor Wolftü Serious Sam Vip Hack (22.06.2020)

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21 Eki 2015
Beğeni Puanı


Supported Servers: WTS
Supported OS: Windows 10 x64 [1809,1903,1909]
Access: Confirmed Member+ Onaylı üye+

  • Inventory Hack [Real Inventory]
  • Character Hack [Real Characters]
  • Tattoo Hack [Real Tattoos] - WIP
  • EX Items [Some Real-EX Items]
  • Message Text [Send Yellow Messages]
  • Crosshair
  • Dynamic Crosshair [Works with Silent Aim]
  • Kick Hack
  • Gates of Hell [Kicks Coldhacks & Other Cheaters in Your Room]
  • Perfect MS + Anti C114 [No more C114]
  • Ammo Type [Change your bullet type for a specific weapon type like (Pistols -> Shoots Rockets)]
  • ESP [Our special ESP]
  • Name ESP [See victim's health and name with a much more readable font]
  • Weapon ESP [See victim's & teammate's weapons with the full name or basic name like Rifle-Sniper]
  • Chams [Changes the texture of players according to their team]
  • Teamkill [You can kill your teammates]
  • Aimbot
  • Silent Aim [Your angle won't change while your bullets going to the enemy]
  • Legit [Fully customizable aimbot settings.]
  • Rage [Locks onto your enemies head]
  • Bullet Tracer [Shows the path your bullet travels]
  • No Spread [Bullets will go to same spot]
  • No Recoil [Weapon won't recoil]
  • No Reload [Your weapon will instantly reload]
  • No Weapon Sway [Disables the sway effect while moving]
  • Continuous Pistol [You can shoot automatically with pistol]
  • Anti Suicide [Prevents you from getting damage by your granades]
  • Anti Chat Ban [You can send messages without limits]
  • Anti Radio Ban [You can send radio messages without limits]
  • Infinite Ammo [Unlimited clip]
  • Fly Hack [Flies where you look at W-A-S-D]
  • Fly Speed
  • HP Hack
  • Increasing HP [Your hp will always increase with the selected amount ]
  • Freeze HP [Your hp will be set to max hp att, unless you get damage more than your hp, you will be unkillable]
  • Anti AFK [You won't kicked out of being AFK]
  • No Weapon SP [Game doesn't check for you SP anymore]
  • No Fall Damage [You won't get damage from falling]
  • Infinite YP [Your YP will increase all the time when you howl]
  • Jump Hack [adjustable]
  • Speed Hack [adjustable]
  • OverView
  • OverKill [Manipulate players by selecting them over the score list(TAB)]
  • OverKick [Kick players by clicking them over the score list(TAB)]
  • Instant Roar [You'll roar instantly]
  • Instant Wolf Transform [You'll became wolf instantly]
  • Instant Respawn [Respawns Instantly]
  • Remote Kill [Every bullet you shoot will kill someone]
  • Stealth Remote Kill [Hides the killer so they look like suicide]
  • Nearby Remote Kill [Kills anyone near to you]
  • Weapon Range [You can change the range of weapons, wolf and knife]
Hack Video:

Menü açma kapama tuşu (Menu Show/Hide Hotkey): Insert

Download link:
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