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  1. vinisurfloripa

    Cheating development for the Rogue company

    Good afternoon. I would like to know if someone can develop or know who can make a cheat for the game "Rogue company", with the requirements of precise shooting (head and upper and lower limbs), see through the wall and mini map, thing that you do NOT need (aimbot and high walking speed), these...
  2. Black Desert Online - cheat does not work correctly

    Hello. I downloaded the cheat for BDO "[Official Servers] Dword Vip Hack", but the cheat does not work correctly. The character attacks and moves faster, but the cheat does not work for transport! The speed hasn't changed. What can be wrong? I have already reinstalled the game and cheat - does...
  3. Apex Legends Cheat

    Won't the Apex Legends Cheat be updated anymore? :(
  4. Game hacking

    I wonder if there are those who tried to create cheats here what did you achieve and how did it happen in general (sorry i use google translate)
  5. anubis2020

    Suggestion : FOR BlackSquad CHeaT

    hello, I suggest to set the blacksquad cheat as "Güncelleniyor/uknown/updating" .. and let the +superMember using and because it's NOT SAFE so if anyone use it he take the risk . some people like me love cheating even if we get banned specially we can make many accounts everyday , its FREE...
  6. Como faz pra ter acesso ao script?

    Acabei de entra no site e queria saber como faz pra ter acesso ao script no lol
  7. OLGShow


    Good day! Will there be a Hack on the game SpellBreak&?
  8. hwplays

    how activate ESP hack in insurgency?[FIXED]

    how i activate ESP hack in insurgency? I already injected but don't know how activate.. I already fixed, Admim please close the post
  9. hwplays

    |TEORIA| Steam e empresas que vendem CHEAT!

    tava analisando e veja bem.. quem é o unico que sai perdendo se seu cheat resultar em um banimento? exato.. você! A steam lucra porque você perdeu sua conta com todos os items que tinha (há mais de 4.000.000 de dolares em itens de contas banidas), logo você ira precisar comprar outra conta para...
  10. hwplays

    can i pay someone to become a confirmed member ???

    .-. 50 messages and 2 days is a lot, I wish I could use the cheats today !, is there no way to buy access ??
  11. DwightMc

    Pubg Mobile APK cheat or other?

    Hello everyone I'm serching for cheat who is based on Mobile not emulator or pc juste mobile I don't know if this existe but some one can link me the cheat to play in my Mobile pls? ty all Yes I know I need root and Yes Know it'es risk ban so don't answer what I didn't say, juste look for the...
  12. N4TR0N

    Paladins cheats

    Hii!!! Recently, I am not seeing so many hackers in paladins. I don't know if and because of the anti-cheat or something like that. if you know of any free hack for Paladins please comment here. I'm searching on the internet and if I find I post too!!
  13. Does Having UI Open Affect AntiCheat's of other games?

    Say If i wanted to use The UI for scripts on league of legends, but i have the MemoryUI Running in background but i go and play Something like CS:GO or Rust, Would it be detected by anticheat at all? Maybe a dumb question to ask, but i'm sure im not the only one who would want to know this. I...
  14. Последствия использования читов - Бан? Нет уж,извольте

    С 2017 года многие игроки в Pubg заметили странную особенность, за использование стороннего софта или читов их начали закидывать в скрытый пулл с другими же читерами. Такая практика уже была в WOW и других онлайн проектах, но недавно я столкнулся с этим лично. После начала использования читов от...
  15. В PUBG LITE читеров стравливают в матчах

    Еще с 2017 года игроки заметили, что с читами не всегда сразу банят, а кидают в скрытый пулл с другими такими же читерами. Я с начала не особо верил, играл с легким ВХ от сторонних читоделов и всё было ок, читеры есть но не особо часто. НО как только начал играть с читами от MH , то сразу...
  16. In PUBG LITE , cheaters play with each other in separate matches.

    Since 2017, players have noticed that they do not always get banned with cheats right away, but they throw them in a hidden pool with other similar cheaters. From the beginning I didn’t really believe, I played with a lightweight VH from third-party cheaters and everything was ok, there are...
  17. Обнаружение чита Pubg Lite

    Народ, запускаю чит и через 5 минут игра выдает ошибку: клиент будет закрыт из-за обнаружения позрительного ПО и игра закрывается. Может я не правильно запускаю чит ?
  18. voltz

    lol cheat

    apos o cheat de lol vc realmente melhorou na sua perfomance?
  19. Pikachu7

    Çalışmıyor Unturned - sByte Ultra Gamer Unturned Cheat [June 2020]

    [Credits] Egguware [Access] Seçkin Üye (Prime Member) [Screenshots] [Vıdeo] [Keys] Menu: F1 [Features] visuals for each object glow boxes tracers distance max distance font size chams name other visual options bed claimed state / only show unclaimed vehicle locked state /...
  20. Please Help Me! My PUBG Mobile Hack by XProject.

    When I Open it, this massage showing ...Look at the picture.. So, Please help me...

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