1. rcs1996

    EXPERT MODE - Tournament of Souls Guide - Every Fight

    These expert mode fights were actually a lot harder than I expected and I had a really hard time finding anything on how to beat them. So here's how I ended up doing it. These might not be the most optimal strategy or whatever, but I tested each of these methods multiple times and they...
  2. M

    How to get better at league of legends?

    Try Out Different Characters Learn the Map Try to Learn One Position Really Well Learn the Hotkeys Stay Behind Minions Stay Out of Enemy Turret Range Try to Survive as Long as Possible Learn How to Last-Hit Learn the Language Communicate With Your Team Make Sure You Have Time to Play a Full Game...
  3. Heart Gaming

    Valorant tips for Beginners

    1.Minimap awareness: The minimap is one of the most underused tools in Valorant. Learning how to take advantage of the minimap can easily win you rounds. The minimap will show the location of enemies whenever they are encountered by your teammates. Even if your team refuses to communicate, you...
  4. samky

    Metin2 [AELDRA-SIGMA] Looking for a GURU

    Hey. I'm completely (not really) new to the server and I wonder if there's some wiseman who would teach me how to get my dps up in the shortest terms. I also can share, let's say 40% of my farming profit if you provide me with a better items (not begging, just in case you have one and want to...
  5. K

    Ask me anything

    Hello guys ask me anything about cheat or hack i can answer that if you have a problem
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